Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 weeks left in the 8 week Challenge!!

Here is another before picture.
This was a couple of years ago
at my Sister, Cherish's.
I had lost most of the weight
but had not begun to
really work out yet.
I needed to do some serious
firming up.
(muffin top, ugh!)
I now finally feel totally immersed
in my new healthy lifestyle.
I don't think I could ever go
back to my slacker exercise or
eating habits.
I see and feel the difference
on a daily basis.
Still striving to do better
during the 8 week
Muscle & Fitness Her's Challenge,
I gave up sugar about
3 weeks ago.
I have actually lost all the
cravings I usually have to
fight, and crave fruits
and veggies now instead...
I am having a problem
with keeping my weight up
now though.
I have been snacking on
more protein snacks like
cottage cheese, yogurt
and more nuts.
I have a snack before bed
which I had quit doing
while trying to loose weight.
Since I have eliminated ALL
the bad stuff from my diet, I
can pretty much eat as much
healthy stuff as I want.
Remember, I am exercising
a lot which keeps my
metabolism humming along
pretty good.

As I always say:
If I can do it, Anyone
can do it!!

I have taken 3 years to get
to this point.
I have made complete
lifestyle changes.
By starting slow and keeping
to my main goal of prime
health and fitness, I
feel like it is something I can
be successful at for the rest
of my life.
All you have to do is
make the decision to do better
and take baby steps to start.
When you begin to see some
results, you will be encouraged
to do even more.
It is not a fast transformation,
but a steady climb.
Everyday is a new day
to do good for your body!!
Allow yourself to have a cheat
at least once a week as long as you
feel like you need it.
I had Hagen Daz last weekend,
Then I was back at the gym as
usual for the week.
Don't put yourself down on this
journey....just strive to always
do a little bit better.
I KNOW you can do it!!

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