Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am the little redhead on the left.

I was almost 4 years old.

My Mom is on the right and

my Sister Sally is in the middle.

My Mom was about 22 years old.

She looks great after having 2 kids.

I have no idea WHY she put me in

that awful black suit.

If you wait till you're 30ish to

start having kids,

your body is not quite as forgiving.

Then middle age sets in......

You do all the same things for health

but they don't seem to be

getting the job done!

What do we do now??

I know I will never look or feel

22 again, but do I......

Age gracefully, accepting all those

sags & pooches??

Join pain, fatigue, weight gain??

Then the family diseases set in.....

diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc.....

!! NOT !!

As you approach 50,

you can find yourself dealing with

more of these symptoms.

I don't know about you,

but I am NOT ready to

head for the rocker with my

oxygen bottle and meds.

So, what to do....

Get your ARSE off the couch and choose

to live life full of prime vitality!




1.) of the first importance; demanding the

fullest consideration:

a prime requisite.

2.) of the greatest relevance

or significance:

a prime example.



1.) exuberant physical strength or mental

vigor: a person of great vitality.

2.) capacity for survival or for the

continuation of a meaningful or

purposeful existence

3.) power to live or grow

4.) vital force or principle.



This blog is to share my journey

on the path to discovering ways to

be healthy and strong as I age.

A friend of mine said that 50

is the new 30......

I think that is pushing it a little,

but I am beginning to feel healthier

and stronger now, than I did at 35.


Come on along!!

I am a Certified

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

and Wellness Coach

I will be sharing ideas, tips,

scientific breakthroughs

and my own personal experience

along the way.

I am glad to have you here!!


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