Saturday, May 29, 2010

Launch Day at Prime Vitality!!

~Welcome to Day One~

I am so glad you stopped by

to visit my new

Wellness Blog.

As I get ready to start a

career in the

Wellness Industry,

It just made sense to me, to

start a blog to share all

the interesting things I am

learning on my journey,

and to hopefully

inspire others just beginning

on their own path to

Prime Vitality.

The above photo is my

WAY before shot...

chubby cheeks and

booty abundance!

Please scroll down to the

bottom of the page to start,

then work your way back up to here.

I will be adding lots more info

to the side bar and new posts

regularly.  Please join as a

follower and feel free to share

your journey by leaving comments.

Support and accountability is

what it's all about!



  1. Looks like I am your first follower - might even be your first TWO followers!!LOL I clicked on too many places!!!I am trying to start exercizing- hate it - but seriously need it to keep my stress level down! Got a Healthmaster Mixer - the best kitchen appliance I ever bought- making all sorts of healthy stuff now!!!

  2. Good luck on your adventure into becoming a better you... I'll be following.