Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tired & Hungry!


Holly's homemade Crepes!

Still hungry.....

My Dad's

Pancakes...Thin and buttery.

Still Hungry!


Tired too....

Not fatigue tired, but

worked hard, worn out

kind of tired.

I have been needing

extra sleep...

kinda like I did as a


Since I really ramped up

my workouts,

my body has been asking

for more calories


more sleep.


I am not eating

crepes or pancakes.

I have given up wheat.

I am eating healthy,

but a lot more protein than

I usually do.

Building muscle requires it.

Veggie burgers with raw carrots


I may only be in the

second week of the

8 week challenge, but I

started seriously exercising at

the gym several months ago.

I was mainly concentrating on

cardio and core muscles.

I wanted to have a good base

to build muscle on.

I also did not want to injure

myself while lifting

heavier weights.

I can't believe how fast

my body is responding to the

weight lifting now.

I can already tell a difference

after only a month of

serious work.

My rear is getting firmer by the week,

My arms are building up,

My calves are getting some shape.

It is hard work now

every time I hit the gym.

It is worth it...

the results speak for themselves!

If I can do it,


can do it!!


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