Saturday, May 22, 2010

Exercise is a drug....Get addicted!

Why do people take

mood altering drugs?

Because they want to feel different!

Most times, they want to feel better.

Did you know, exercise releases many

of those same feel good chemicals

in your brain that some drugs do?

Physical activity also burns up stress

chemicals, like adrenaline, which

promotes a more relaxed state of mind.

My favorite cardio exercise is the

Stair Master! 

The physical benefits of

regular exercise include:

Protecting you from heart disease,

stroke, high blood pressure,

non-Insulin dependent diabetes,

obesity, back pain, osteoporosis.

I like to do 20-30 minutes on the

Stair Master and then keep my

heart rate up as I work thru

the machines. This helps keep

my metabolism revved up.

(You burn more fat..Yeah, baby!)

There are also two more benefits:

1. Exercising will improve your

physical  appearance

2. Feeling better about your appearance

will give you more confidence and

will raise your self-esteem

When you begin working out, make sure

you FIRST concentrate mainly on

building up your core muscles.

(Back & Stomach)

This will help to prevent injury once

you start lifting heavier weights

for your arms & legs!

Don't let anything make you feel

like you can not exercise,

unless it is your Doctor!

Don't listen to others who want to

keep you down where they are.

Don't listen to all the excuses in

your head.


Even if you just have to start

by walking for 15 minutes

every other day.

After 2 weeks, add more time

or an additional exercise.

Join a gym and use the training

offered to new members.

If you are already a member,

ask for some input to improve

your work out!
To be the best version of yourself you can be,


To set the best example for those

who look up to you,


To have the strength & stamina to enjoy

all those things you want to do later in life,


So NO more excuses,

Pick the ONE day a week you will rest,

then plan how you will exercise the other

6 days of the week.
Once you begin exercising regularly,

your body will have a natural desire

to eat more healthy food.

This doesn't mean you will

totally loose your desire for

junk food, it means your body is

telling you it needs proper fuel.

We will discuss that soon!
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I would love to hear your thoughts!!


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