Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey....Let's get on with it!!

A lot of time is spent these days discussing
just exactly what we should be eating.
For most people, when they are asked at any one time,
what it is they want to eat,
How often do you think they reply with a
healthy choice?
When you decide to go out to dinner,
how often do you make that decision based on where
you can get the most healthy meal?
I have been so guilty of wanting sugary treats pretty often....
and unhealthy carb filled meals.
I LOVE me some Olive Garden!
Our kitchens have opened up and become places to socialize
and enjoy comforting, delicious meals.

But, here is an important reminder:
Our main purpose for eating is to sustain the unit 
that holds our spirits while we live here on this planet.
Yes, there are many other reasons we like to eat,
but are they true and valid?
Just because we want to bring social and comforting
aspects to our eating, does not mean
we can't make good choices for our bodies!
We need to decide what kind of body we 
want to be living in.
Now, I do understand that some folks are already fighting the
good fight to overcome a physical condition but,
most people basically have two choices:
Do you want to be
Healthy or Unhealthy?
Every time you put a bite of food in your mouth, you
are answering this question.
Healthy =
No abundant body fat
Able to deal with stress appropriately
Not moody or depressed
Even energy thru the day
Physical activity is no problem
Sleeps well
Immune system is strong

Unhealthy =
Excess body fat
Stressed out most of the time
Easily set off by trivial things
Tired/ fatigues easily
Not interested/capable of physical activity
Does not sleep enough or well
Gets ill often/easily

I have been interested in nutrition for some time.
So much so, that I decided to go back to
school to make it my career.
In the months I have been in class, I have had some
serious revelations.
I didn't just want someone to tell me what foods I
should or shouldn't be eating, but
I have been learning:
Digestion~ You would not believe what your body needs just to get the nutrients out of the food you eat.  Most of us over age 35 are NOT digesting well.

Blood Sugar~ OMGosh!!  This is the biggie, our bodies are SO NOT designed to operate on the amount of daily sugar we poison it with.  This causes an insane number of ailments.  I will be doing a post on this alone.

Hydration~ This is the most important nutrient we consume and we are almost all dehydrated.  If you weigh 160 lbs, you need to be drinking at least 80 ozs of clean, pure water a day in addition to any other liquids....Yeah, a whole post for this too!

Body Systems~ What does your body do with those nutrients?  What makes you feel either good or lousy after you eat something?  What do those systems need to operate at optimum?

As most of you know, my goal is to have my body
fall under the
If you feel the same way about your body....

Take a peek in your pantry and meet me back here tomorrow....
We've got some work to do and I am anxious to
Blessings~ Sue


  1. Great post! It echoes a lot of what I have learned in nursing school. I do a lot of patient education as a student nurse about how digestion changes with aging, limiting the amount of sugar consumption, getting adequate fluids (especially water), and how this all affects your body. The biggest one that I deal with personally and professionally is probably drinking enough water. It is so important that for most of the people I take care of in the hospital, I measure how much fluid a person gets in a day. Unless there is some fluid restriction, I like to see people drink at least 2L. I feel like such a hypocrite because I know that I am consistently dehydrated because I don't drink enough water.

  2. It is easy to forget about unless you actually keep a water bottle/cup with you all day. I have a couple of favorites. Tony bought me the Dutch Bros. hard cold cup with the straw for Christmas and I have a couple of generic similar ones that I keep around full of water all the time. I take one to the gym and keep one at his house. It reminds me when I see them sitting around. I like drinking water with a straw so I think the cup style works well for me...everyone just needs to experiment on what style works for them and then be consistant. I think people in the hospital drink more because it's right there in front of them.....that is the key!!
    ( I will go over this again in a post soon)
    Thanks for the input, Christine!!

  3. Good suggestions! I think having water in front of you and a nurse encouraging you to drink up helps. I know I drink more when I have a straw too! I have to find a good bottle that I can stick in my lunchbox or just use one of the bendy straws that I give to patients. Can't wait to hear more about what you're learning!!