Thursday, March 31, 2011

Body Recovery... Is your diet defeating your goal?

So, you are finally hitting the gym pretty regular.
You are really trying to give it all you got,
But, Dang....
Your joints are really not happy about it.
And you are sore most of the time.
Most of us know, when we work out hard enough,
we actually make micro tears in the muscles used.
This is how we build strength, size and endurance. 
We tear down a little to build up more.
We can expect inflammation
for 24 - 72 hours, depending on our:
Regular Exercise
All these things come in to play when your
body is subjected to muscle & joint stress.
This inflammation is perfectly normal and actually necessary
to begin the healing recovery process.
But sometimes our joints STAY inflamed/irritated.
Here is a video I came across that really hit home.
I have been exercising more in the past 6 months
and have had pretty regular joint/muscle discomfort.
Dr. Osborne shares some great information.
I am even more motivated to watch what I eat
and make sure I am taking my
Omega-3 supplements.
Of course, the idea is to eliminate ALL the bad stuff
 and eat plenty of the healthy fats, etc....
I want fast recovery!!
Watch this video and tell me what you think

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